Migrate Files to Nasuni

Nasuni serves as an SMB NAS file share that is hosted on-prem with an active cache available locally. However, all data is pushed out to a cloud storage backend such as AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage.

While it is viewed as a NAS file share, it has a sophisticated and advanced deduplication and compression file system to minimize storage and replication time.

GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise can detect Nasuni's cache free space during data migration. When the cache is full, the job pauses and waits until the Nasuni commits the copied data to the backend cloud storage. The job then resumes the copying automatically once the cache is freed up again.

How To Transfer Your Files From Local Drive To Nasuni Filers

1) Open the program , select Jobs (1) then choose “Create New Job” (2)

2) Choose “No, Choose this option for cloud storage, TCP Copy or advanced options” (1) , then click “Finish” (2)

3) Name the job (1) , Source type “Local/Drive/Network” (2) , write the destination folder for Nasuni (3) , Browse and choose your folders/files (4) , choose your copy option like “MIRROR” (5) , determine the copy flag like Lock/Open Files and Folder Timestamps (5) , File/Folder Attribute (6) , and finally Advanced Destination Options and click configure (7) for more options at the destination side.

4) At the “Advanced Destination Options” (1) , you can determine the Destination Space Awareness

5) Click “Save” (1)

6) Your job will be created as below, Right Click on the job and then choose “Start Selected Job” (1) to run the job