Feature Comparison Sheet

GUI or Command Line
Copy NTFS Security (ACLs)
Copy Open and Locked Files
Copy Only Modified Files
Copy File & Folder Attributes
Copy File & Folder Timestamp
Send Emails when Job is complete
Can use open SMTP servers or Gmail...etc
Include Directories (Wildcard supported)
Exclude Directories (Wildcard supported)
Exclude Files (Wildcard supported)
Exclude Directories with Absolute Path
Copy Data Locally or Across the Network
Do Not Follow Conjunction Points
Attempt to Copy Files with CRC Errors
Copy Files Based on Last Modified Date Filter
Log Only Errors and Warnings
Long Path Name Support
Run as a Service
100% Multi-Threaded (Robust Performance)
Distributes workload evenly on all logical cores
Wizard Driven
Powerful Proprietary Scheduler
Run Simultaneous Jobs at Once
Run as Normal User
Permission Override
Connect As (Impersonation)
to Source and Destination
Auto Update Feature
Bandwidth Throttling
Checksum Hash Compare
SOX and HIPAA Compliant
All Jobs are logged to for tracking
Copy to AWS S3
Copy to OneDrive (Business\Personal)
Copy to SharePoint
Copy to Azure Blob Storage
Copy to Dropbox
Copy from\to OneDrive (Business\Personal)
Copy from\to SharePoint
Copy from\to AWS S3
Copy from\to FTP\SFTP\FTPS\WebDAV
Copy from\to Azure Blob Storage
Copy from\to Dropbox
Copy from\to Box.com
Copy from\to S3 Compatible Storage
Copy from\to Azure Files
Copy from\to Google Drive
Copy from\to Citrix ShareFile
Copy to Nasuni
Optimized for WAN and Internet Replication
Copy Files & Folders Across the Internet
Byte Level Replication (Delta Change in a File )
Compress Data Before Sending
WebDAV Support
AES 128 and AES 256 Encryption Support
Synchronize Data Real-Time
Import 1000s of Jobs from CSV