Enterprise-Grade Data Replication Solution

Migrate, Backup, or Copy files Between Windows Servers, NAS File Shares, or Cloud Storage

Feature-Rich, Robust, Secure, and Simple User Interface

Wizard Driven, Long Path Name Support, NTFS Permission Support, Can Run on Schedule, and Run as a Service

Seamless Integration for Advanced Users

Powerful API Support for Seamless Integration in Your Applications, Encrypt Data While In-Transit, and CLI Support for Automation

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About Us

There is one thing that every business has in common today regardless of industry and size. They work with data. GuruSquad is a software company that specializes in creating solutions to lessen the pain points of copying and moving that data across your on-prem or hybrid cloud network. Since 2008, we have been creating solutions that make replicating, migrating, and synchronizing data an effortless and worry-free proposition for companies of all sizes. At GuruSquad, our goal is to create solutions, not software, and this problem-solving approach has been a major part of our success.

Server and Cloud Migration Service



  • Cloud to Cloud Migrations

    Copy data over a single TCP port with the option to compress and encrypt data while in transit using AES 128/256-bit encryption
    (military-grade encryption). The performance is superior to the SMB protocol. Use the simple GUI console or utilize Powerful API Integration and CLI commands.

  • Server Migrations

    RichCopy 360 simplifies server migrations with a few simple clicks. Migrate data with NTFS permissions and long path name support between windows servers or NAS devices such as Isilon, Nasuni..etc.

  • Set It and Forget It Mentality

    Set the jobs to run as a service and according to schedule. Jobs then run in the background automatically with no further user intervention required. No need to keep the application open or remain logged in.

  • Copy Data Across VPN Tunnels or The Internet

    Copy data over a single TCP port with the option to compress and encrypt data while in transit using AES 128/256-bit encryption (military-grade encryption) with a performance that is vastly superior to the SMB protocol.

  • Simple GUI \ Powerful API Integration \ CLI

    Best of both worlds. A simple-to-use GUI for those who want simplicity along with powerful API integration that advanced users need to support complex hybrid architectures.

  • Enterprise-Grade

    With 100% parallel multi-threading technology, file transfers happen simultaneously. Never be limited by file size, data size, or the number of files ever again. GS RichCopy 360 will optimize jobs according to the hardware and network connection and ensure that jobs don’t take bandwidth away from other mission-critical workloads.


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What people say about us

This software seems to be working very well. Couldn't find any bugs or anything worthy to report to their support. The program does what the description says it is supposed to do and it's very useful, especially for people who need to transfer files with very long names, and lots of them


This software is like a Swiss Army knife, you can do so many things in terms of copying files and folders from anywhere to anywhere. It takes a bit of work to understand it, but it is expected. The admin guide and videos were able to provide us with all the details needed.


The software gs richcopy 360 Enterprise has brought unbelievable convenience and piece of mind. The UI is extremely user-friendly backed up with an easy to use manual guide. It provides synchronization between multiple and several drives efficiently.


We have been using GS Richcopy360 enterprise for the last year. We are mainly using it for WAN replication. By far it is delivering the best throughput.


While the software is not free, I was happy to pay for it. For God's sake they have a published phone number and answered the phone. We had an intelligent conversation with Alex who was more than capable to answer our questions. Highly recommend A++