Amazon AWS S3

Copy Files to AWS S3 Buckets

AWS S3 buckets are highly utilized by applications and as a backup target for many organizations. GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise supports copying files to AWS S3.

Once an AWS S3 bucket is created, an Access Key and a Secret Key with the required policy permissions will be needed to configure a job. Set the S3 Endpoint, and the job will be ready to go.

GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise can also copy files from AWS S3.

How To Transfer Your Files From Local Drive To AWS S3 Storage

1) Open the program , select Jobs (1) then choose “Create New Job” (2)

2) Choose “No, Choose this option for cloud storage, TCP Copy or advanced options” (1) , then click “Finish” (2)

3) Name the job (1) , Source type “Local/Drive/Network” (2) , click “Select Folder” (3) , Browse and choose your folders/files (4) , then choose “OK” (5)

4) From Destination type, choose “Amazon S3 Storage” (1)

5) Choose “Add new”(1) to add the S3 account , write any name for this account (2) , enter the secret account name (3) , enter the secret password (4) , then click “Save” (5)

6) Click “Select Folder” (1) , choose the destination folder (2) , click “OK” (3) , then click “Save” (4)

7) Your job will be created as below, Right Click on the job and then choose “Start Selected Job” (1) to run the job