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They Have Data Loss – We Have The Solution

$1.7 Trillion in data loss and down time costs to enterprises. That’s a tough one and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Come on, $1.7 trillion in losses – how can that happen?

When I asked Try A Million to do research for us, I didn’t expect what I was going to see that came back.

EMC reported that enterprises lost $1.7 trillion due to data loss.

Another study found that 64% of enterprises will lose data in the next 12 months. It’s a disaster waiting to happen and we have the tools.

Look – GS RichCopy 360 in these companies would have solved their problem. Even with cloud based backups, 47% of enterprises still lost data even with having cloud backups. GS RichCopy 360 is needed and could save costly mistakes.

See for your self: GuruSquad Data Loss White-Paper

It’s an interesting feeling when you can see an issue is affecting so many enterprises, businesses and home users and you have the solution. I feel frustrated. 6% of PC’s will suffer some form of loss to data in 2015. That effect is in organizations, businesses and even for the home users.

Our software is not expensive. It is not complicated to use. Perhaps it is the fact that these companies just don’t know there are solutions to solve the problem.

With 4.6 million instances of data loss each year, a solution is needed for these people.

The best thing any of these people can do is to download the White-Paper and see the facts for yourself.

Download the Data Loss White-Paper here.

Test the file transfer software here and you will see for yourself that the solution is right here. GuruSquad can solve a $1.7 trillion problem that exists right now.

I hope this information and what we offer will save organizations, businesses and home users their data.


“Better Safe Than Sorry!”

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