The GuruSquad Data Loss White Paper GuruSquad

The GuruSquad Data Loss White Paper

Data loss and data protection are important points that every organization needs to keep in mind. When data loss happens in corporate organizations, it results in revenue losses, customer dissatisfaction and even causes some organizations to go out of business.

The GuruSquad Data Loss White Paper was commissioned to Try A Million to do further research into the issues, where data loss arises and the solutions to those problems.

What returned is a white paper that looks at the facts and figures of data loss from several studies from:

  • Boston Computing – Data Loss Statistics
  • Symantec
  • Backupify
  • DSS Corp
  • Protect Data
  • Data Backup and Online Storage
  • EMC Corporation
  • Dunn and Bradstreet
  • Security Week

Main factor of losses are to organizations with 250 or more employees where losses as a whole globally equals $1.7 trillion. Based on an EMC Corporation conducted study.

Another study found 6% of PC’s this year will experience data loss.

One study found this year there will be 4.6 million instances of data loss.

The white paper then goes onto explore the issue as well as solutions to the problems.

The GuruSquad Data Loss White Paper can be downloaded in PDF format.


  • Media
  • IT Professionals
  • IT Decision Makers


GuruSquad Data Loss White Paper


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