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Server Migration – Getting off 2008 R2

The time is clicking as more and more system administrators are migrating from windows servers 2008 R2. We are seeing more administrators migrating to Windows Server 2016 than ever before. This is mainly because Windows Server 2016 has shown to be a lot more robust than its predecessor (Windows 2012 R2). Furthermore, it is a lot more trusted than Windows Server 2019.

As a company in the technology field, we are always evaluating and testing the latest. So most of our servers are running Windows server 2019.

According to our system administrators, windows server 2019 has been the most stable they have seen and its performance is far more superior to all previous windows versions including windows server 2016.

However, one of the main obstacles that could prevent system administrators from going to windows server 2019 is not only the skepticism to jump to the latest. It could very well be not compatible with the software applications that are supposed to be loaded on it. Software vendors do not certify their software fast enough or at times they may need to make changes.

As a company that specializes in data migration, we start to test our products since the tech preview II of any operating system. This is mainly because we need to ensure that we are fully compatible with the latest operating system the day it launches.

With that said, we do want to share that we noticed the speed in data copying to windows server 2019 when you compare it to windows server 2016 was that windows server 2019 was about 6 times faster. This alone makes an appealing argument to switch files servers to windows server 2019 instead.

Of course, make sure you do your own testing before you go to production.

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