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File Replication Software

File replication software is essential to be able to copy files or the more technical term of data migration and data replication or mirroring to other computers within a network or externally, such as through the Internet to the cloud.

For the enterprise, business use and home use, file copy software is essential to perform data replication and data migration effectively.

Some may have been struggling with Microsoft Windows own file copy utility built into Windows with its lack of features. Though the interface looks better and provides some helpful information it is lacking in many regards.

Data replication and data migration can have issues, they both can have a situation where there are locked files or open files. When copying over lots of files, you often find some do not copy correctly and we don’t know this in many cases. The result is that there is data loss and that essential backup often is not in a position to be able to recover that data that has been replicated or migrated.

This issue is a big one considering that the data that you ultimately are trying to replicate, migrate or mirror is often not copied.

File replication software dedicated to the task, such as GS RichCopy 360 and its enterprise version GS Richcopy 360 Enterprise provides the functionality and simplicity that is needed to make data replication and data migration happen with the least time commitment and least ongoing time commitment.

Data replication and data migration has a lot of factors to it. You could need permissions copied over in the data migration or data replication.

You could also need the ability to copy locked or open files or be able to perform the transfer over the Internet or the Cloud.

What specialist file replication software such as GS RichCopy 360 provide is data migration and data replication where the data can be transferred and confirmed.

This process of data migration and data replication that file copy software such as GS RichCopy 360 provide is the best way to have data verified as successful. Getting an email confirming success or any errors and where they are can allow troubleshooting when often than not, there was a replication of data but no idea how successful that replication, migration or mirroring was.

There is another benefit to such software as GS RichCopy 360 file replication software is that they provide a convenient solution to create jobs and return to run them by rules such as when files have changed or on set rules.

When you look at data replication, data migration, and data mirroring we see that it is more than simply copy or move files. There is a lot going on and we can have more control over those different aspects that we often are oblivious to while using the simple utility within Microsoft Windows. Imagine doing that with a simple task such as a folder being transferred to another folder on the network every day. File replication software soon seems like an absolute must.


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