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Data Migration Best Practices - AntiVirus Exclusions

Data migration by itself can be a major project with a lot of challenges. Thus, it is best to ensure best practices are researched, studied, and implemented. 

While many antivirus software vendors have come a long way in recognizing a data replication application by default, many may still encounter issues or interfere with data copying.

GuruSquad recommends a process exclusion policy for the following applications:

  • GSRichCopy360.exe.
  • GSRichCopy360service.exe (in case the job is running as a service).
  • GSRichCopy360EnterpriseRTAService.exe if you are running RTA service. 

Not implementing the process exclusion does not mean data replication will not work. It may function adequately, but it depends on the antivirus software and configuration settings; performance can be degraded or blocked.

This recommendation applies to other security programs, IPS, and IDS solutions.

Feel free to reach out to our support professionals if you have any questions.


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